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Business Support

Many businesses are finding that Covid 19 has had massive and long-term impact on their turnover. Breathe has developed three support packages to help them firstly get back to work and then change to win in the new world.

FREE - Digital Check-Up

Now is the time to take stock and have a top down web site heath check to ensure it’s fine-tuned and firing on all cylinders. Are all buttons and links working, are all the plugins up to date, is your server working as it should?

Is your website optimised and working hard for your business?

Let one of Breathe’s Gurus run your Website through our 50 point check list – our audit covers essential features such as:-

  • • Website structure and links
  • • Ensures all updates are in place
  • • SEO optimisation
  • • Google ranking check-up
  • • Website analytics’ set up
  • • Server set up
  • • Third-party integrations
  • • Advisory list of suggested changes

We’ll give you the report FREE, with no strings attached, however, over 90% of our clients ask us to apply our recommendations because it’s a no brainer. Why wouldn’t you want more effective interactions with your customers?

Digital Assistance

Think of the digital equivalent of the AA (RAC or Green Flag - we’re agnostic in that regard) – you’ve suddenly realised somethings not working correctly and you’re losing out on business opportunities.

It’s easy to miss something, especially when we are all focused on the day to day challenges of getting back to business after lockdown, furlough and all the Covid 19 fall-out that’s still hitting us.

We are here to help with:-

  • • Website functionality issues
  • • Checking plug-ins and updates are done
  • • Server performance
  • • Bots, spam and security
  • • Social media issues (Facebook move the goal posts all the time!)
  • • Personal data and GDPR
  • • Last but not least advice and years of experience

If you’re in a pickle and need help call Breathe and let us get you motoring again.

We are happy help on a one-off basis but we also offer low cost monthly subscription service. This gives you a support desk to call, with an agreed number of support hours every month - this is the most cost-effective solution (and gives you ultimate piece of mind).

Digital Pivot

Here at Breathe we are finding that many businesses are in urgent need of a digital change of direction. This has been precipitated by the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic which has led to many business owners deciding they need a changed, or in many cases, a totally different fundamental business model.

We have a senior team of experienced digital experts; this team includes technical, creative, social media and data specialists. However, we believe the most important thing we bring is Business experience. Our Senior Team are battle hardened Board level operators who have helped SMEs, start-ups and big Brands solve big challenges. Bring us to your table and we’ll make an impact that goes further than your website or social media strategy - in many cases that’s the icing on the cake.

We can help you:-

  • • Develop your digital eco-system
  • • Build a website that makes you money
  • • Transition your business towards eCommerce
  • • Develop a social media strategy
  • • Improve your SEO
  • • Build a content strategy that improves your Google ranking
  • • Work on your digital media strategy (adwords, display, etc.)
  • • Analyse your web stats
  • • Improve ROI on you marketing budget
  • • Advise on innovation that can make immediate impact.

Without doubt digital is the most effective part of any marketing budget - if you don’t believe that we’ll prove it. We can show the impact of every penny you spend, we can help you get it right and show tangible bottom-line impact.

We won’t cost you money we’ll make you money - guaranteed.

FREE - Accessibility Audit

Is your website accessible to everyone regardless of disabilities such as visual impairment or their ability to use a keyboard or mouse? Let us check your site with our award winning automated audit tool and analyse every page of your website against more than 1300 checkpoints.

Our process benchmarks against globally accepted Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is used by all major Private and Public Sector organisations and we audit for compliance with WCAG 2.1 A, AA and AAA standards.

We look at everything, including:-

  • • WCAG 2.1 over 350 checkpoints covering A, AA and AAA accessibility guidelines
  • • WCAG 2.0 over 340 checkpoints covering A, AA and AAA accessibility guidelines
  • • Browser Compatibility
  • • Broken Links and Errors
  • • Invalid SSL certificates, missing DNS entries and expired domains
  • • Spelling and Content Checking
  • • Custom dictionary for unusual words like product names