Slide Breathe logo It doesn’t cost anything to ask us – can you do that? We've got digital covered Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of skills and services, at Breathe our aim is to be a "one stop shop" for all things digital. There aren’t many things we don’t do and we pride ourselves on being one step ahead when it comes to new developments. Having said that, if we don’t have the required skills, we’ll be honest and let you know.

From crafting responsive content to conducting rigorous testing, our aim is to ensure your messages are delivered flawlessly across all devices. Our team is experiences in optimising digital campaigns, building websites, improving engagement, and driving results.
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Making the right decision on how to solve a digital challenge can save wasted time and money in the future. It makes sense to ask us ‘how would Breathe approach this challenge?’ rather than saying ‘I need one of these, how much would that cost?’

Our senior and specialist team are highly experienced and assist our diverse client base in making the right decisions on everything from tech stack, CMS options or opensource solutions.

In the ever-changing world of social media, getting the strategy right on everything from channel choice and audience targeting to KPI’s is of vital importance. We also can advise on the most effective analytics and reporting set up.

From the basics of meta tagging through to key word analysis, competitor analysis and backlinks; our team is focused on getting you ranked higher than your competitors. SEO can be seen as the dark arts but we’re happy to share the tricks of the trade – well some of them!

This a stand-alone requirement at the start of any web build. We use a number of UX/UI tools which allow us to do this important step done efficiently and rapidly and we often produce prototypes for testing.


Our studio has a broad range of capabilities covering, creative origination, web and content design, asset adaptation, animation, and video services. We also offer transcreation and often coordinate multi territory campaigns addressing cultural and language nuance.

Our creative team have experience of web design and wireframing. Bringing together the UX/UI strategy and required functionality into an impactful design which can be rapidly implemented in our studio.

Our studio is well versed at stepping in and stepping up at every stage of the design and implementation of digital advertising. From statics through to complex animated HTML executions.

We have end to end capabilities when it comes to the production of video and animated content. We work at both ends of the spectrum from location shoots through to reformatting video for social media content.

Implementing complex campaigns across multiple territories is something we do for the world’s biggest brands (and some of the smaller emerging ones). Our skills include developing and/or high-volume versioning of lead creative fomats for language and cultural nuance.


Our technical expertise underpins everything we do. Strategy comes first but that strategy is nothing without the expertise to achieve the objective. Our tech team are agnostic, and we always strive to find the right solution as opposed to the one we’ve used before.

Our developers have experience of a wide range of web development frameworks and platforms. From WordPress, Umbraco and Drupal through to .NET. We also have experience and opinions on the right CMS or framework solution depending on the objective of a site.

We have experience of both web and native apps built for Android and iOS. We follow a tried and tested process which starts with discovery and moves through UX/UI and then moves to design and development.

Our team have knowledge gained working on a number of eCommerce platforms such as Magneto, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. We also have experience of the multitude of app integrations such as payment gateways, shopping basket features and till systems.

Often the first decision to be made on a new build of any kind is on framework, server, etc. Once these decisions are made, Breathe can then manages a migration from one platform to another or set up a server ensuring security, GDPR, site speed etc., are optimised.


Our social media services include strategy, organic and paid media, content production and planning. Social media is ever changing with new channels launching and popularity changing amongst the differing demographic groups,therefore, we focus heavily on analytics and reporting.

Our social media team are experts on leveraging the power of social media using organic social strategies to grow a following and drive traffic to the desired destination or outcome.

We are experienced in planning and executing paid social media campaigns. Starting with strategy and objectives we develop personas and identify audiences and deliver on KPIs and conversions.

For both paid and organic social media activity it’s vitally important to have a solid content plan. We typically plan all activity on a three-month rolling basis to ensure our clients are always one step ahead.

Our creative team have the skills to rapidly develop assets for all social media channels. We give our clients the full range of options including static, animated, and video.


Our media team have a broad range of experience in campaign set up, management, optimisation, and reporting. We work with media planners and buyers as well as publishers of both pure digital products and both traditional/digital offerings.

Our media team work with media planners and buyers as well as publishers, managing digital media campaigns. This includes campaign set up, campaign management, optimisation, pacing and reporting.

We work with several data partners to carry out third party tracking and reporting on media activity. This includes, for example, discrepancy analysis and then reporting back at a granular level into a number of dashboards and reporting tools.

We provide a comprehensive suite of services, including creating, managing, and monitoring. This includes setting up campaigns with differing pricing models, site list targeting, whitelisting/blacklisting sites and demographic targeting of campaigns.

From crafting responsive emails to conducting rigorous testing, our aim is to ensure your messages are delivered flawlessly across all devices. Our team is experienced in optimising email campaigns, improving engagement, and driving results.